Embrace By Danni Antagonist

Eyes for the whole world, your mother’s every fear.

She sighs, and holds you near,

Would hold you closer if she could.

But you struggle as these reins embrace your burgeoning zeal

Blank canvas, clean slate, yearning for Experience’s seal.


You stretch for the out-of-sight and out of reach.

Pioneering ever outwards like spilt milk.

When the border from mischief into malevolence is breached

Swiftly forgiven is this face of spun silk.


But relentless years advance

And bombard your eager eyes

With experience.

Hardening the shell

And crossing it with lines.


Until you first smell your own sweat,

First puncture the skin,

First taste your own blood.

Toil dirty days, play filthy nights

And wash off the mud.

Faith’s broken and repaired,

Naïveté impaired

Never quite worn away.

Old enough to smoke, old enough to vote

Old enough to make your own mistakes.


Then you learn you’ll never be a rock star,

Not quite the Messiah,

And the best laid plans turn to dust.

And that you learn your lessons too late

But learn them you must.

Like how to listen to your gut,

When to trust your own instincts

And when to ignore advice.

And to break the rules sometimes,

That nothing is sacred,

And that every win has its price.


You step into the unknown less often these days

Than your younger self would.

You are still your mother’s every fear,

She will always clutch you near,

Closer if she could.


From Empty Threats (c) 2012

Danni Antagonist


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