Notes For Contributors

Games Perverts Play: Notes For Contributors

Types of written work We are looking for two key subsets of written contribution:


The title of the project, ‘Games Perverts Play’, gives a hint about the type of  subject matter we are looking to cover. Anything that deals with sex and power dynamics, from playful experimentation to non-consent and ‘extreme’ scenarios is acceptable.  A focus of this project is to create writing that is a turn on, but is also critical and analytical towards the games perverts play, and how they relate to social contexts. Any gender/sexual orientation will be welcomed. The editor is most interested in contemporary, ‘realist’ scenarios, but will be prepared to have her mind opened by fan fic, historical or futuristic stories. Poetry is also welcomed. When I say ‘pornography’ I mean it in its loosest and most radical sense: any creative writing that is explicit about sex and power dynamics is porn to me.


The second part of the project aims to collect high quality essays and articles on the themes of sex, power, gender, sex work, sexual politics and sexual health. This structure is similar to the way the editor presents material on her blog  The work of Remittance Girl  also includes this combination between erotica and ‘thought’ pieces. It is an unusual and challenging way to present material about sex and power dynamics, and if done well can be very effective. By showcasing new and exciting creative writing alongside discursive pieces on issues of sex, gender, power and sexual health we can produce  a radical and original form of ‘pornography’ that acknowledges and critiques the power dynamics in which it is produced and viewed.

Word Counts

There are no minimum word counts but a maximum word count of 3,000 words is suggested. If you are writing something longer please contact the editor to discuss. We may do a specific short short story submission at some point.


There will be a theme announced for submissions for each ‘edition’ of Games Perverts Play. This could be bi-monthly but this hasnt been decided yet. Both the erotica and the essays will be loosely based around this theme. But writers are encouraged to be imaginative in their interpretations of the given themes.


We ideally want to receive original work that has not been placed anywhere else previously, online or in print. But if a theme resonates strongly with a piece of work you have already written and published and you desperately want to submit it, you can. Please state where it has appeared. Once the work has been accepted you are free to post it /submit it elsewhere.

Judging submissions

Currently there is one editor of GPP, Quiet Riot Girl, but she is hoping to recruit a small editorial team to help her in due course. The best work will be published on the blog. Hopefully all submissions will be brilliant and everything will go up, but there is no guarantee that everything will be accepted. There will be a small prize each edition for the best submission. In terms of the discursive pieces, this project was started with a specific interest in and knowledge of feminism and gender, including sexuality, sex workers’ accounts and transgender issues. The aim is to receive work from a diverse range of perspectives.  Anything considered homophobic, transphobic, misogynist or misandrist will not be accepted. Anything that dismisses the value of sex workers’ experiences for example, will also not be accepted. The editor has the final word on what is deemed appropriate. She is a very broad-minded editor and loves writing which sparks debate.


Many writers of erotica are anonymous . Some work under more than one pen-name. The editor has already been informed that some of the contributors may want to create an additional pen name for this project. It must be quite hot material! If you do not want your work here to be associated with any other identity you use, either real or pseudonym, feel free to make a new pen name up for this project.  We want our writers to accept some form of identity to be associated with this project but if you are very attached to the idea of appearing as ‘anonymous’ this will be considered. If you don’t want the editors to know who you are, you are totally free to submit under your new pen name, no questions asked! If you are happy with being known and you want other blogs/publications advertised on GPP we will add links to your websites/amazon pages etc.

How To Submit

Please send your pieces via email to as a word attachment or in the body of the email. (I am hoping you won’t just be sending me links to existing material on blogs/websites!) Any queries just email or @me. @quietriot_girl

End Product

If this was a perfect world, there probably wouldn’t be a need for this project. If this was an almost-perfect world, Games Perverts Play would become a book that we could put proudly on our shelves , or hide behind them if we were shy. But in the current climate, we are hoping it will at least end up as an e-book. There is no date for publication thought up as yet. Also in an almost ideal world, the editor would love it if some of the writers could meet up occasionally socially, but maybe also to do some writing and reading/performance together, in true collaboration. This too is just an idea at the moment.

Let The Games Begin!


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