Games Perverts Play : stories and essays from the sidelines of pornography…

Games Perverts Play is a collaborative writing project.

Games Perverts Play uses pornography and essays  to explore the darker sides of our libidos, and to examine some of the complex issues that emerge from our sexualities. Gender, power, pain and violence are all present in the background when we play. This project brings them to the fore, and enables us to look afresh at what it is we are doing when we write about sex, when we play sex games, and when sex gets serious.

We will announce regular themes and hope writers from a range of disciplines will submit original pieces of work.

Any gender, sexuality, orientation and kink will be accepted as a valid subject for pieces of written work. Essays, stories, poetry, fanfic, discussion pieces and educational information will be considered.

The only thing we ask is that your work is honest, and the best you can do!

Quiet Riot Girl

Editor, Games Perverts Play



4 responses to this post.

  1. hi, i tried to dm u but i can’t, cuz you’re not following me. i luv your tweets. i might want 2 contribute something about: http://bit.ly/bvM4bD what’s the deadline? how will it b published? u can dm me.


  2. Hi Micha I will email you with more info on the project. Thanks for leaving a message here!


  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by micha cardenas. micha cardenas said: @quietriot_girl Games Perverts Play New writing project looking for contributors: http://bit.ly/bSC61v DM for more info! […]


  4. Looks great. Looking forward to reading more x


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