The next edition of Games Perverts Play has the theme of DIRT.

I chose it because it’s a single word, which seems to be the trend for GPP. And because it has so many meanings.

Dirt evokes its opposite: cleanliness. Its used as a moral judgement or an indication of glorious perversion. I have heard the term ‘filth’ so often to describe porn, sex, etc, and it always stops me short.

Once a man called me ‘filthy’ mid coitus and I argued with him about whether that was actually technically correct. I don’t know if my puritanical background couldn’t handle the moniker, and its associations, or if I am genuinely resistant to this binary between good v bad, clean v dirty, prudish v sexy.

I also like dirt because I like my writing ‘dirty’. Not always in content but definitely in style. I reject clean lines and organised argumentation, for more of a broken, messy, filthy approach to writing.

So send me your dirty stories.

(Deadline sometime in January 2012)



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