As Oscar Wilde may have said, ‘everything is about sex, except for sex itself. Sex is all about power’.

How do we experience the power struggles inherent in our sexual encounters and relationships? Who dominates and who submits, and why? How does power seep out of the physical and into the psychological? What happens to power when we get dressed and go back into our ‘real’ lives? Is there pleasure without power? Is there power without exploitation?

The writers at Games Perverts Play have explored all of these questions and come up with some interesting, arresting and downright disturbing answers.

I am delighted to be presenting work here once again by the talented  Marc Nash, Dan Holloway , and Penny Goring .It also gives  me great perverse pleasure to be sharing new writing from Marc Horne and Robert James Russell.

This is the first public showcase for an exciting young voice in North American – what do we call it these days? Literature?-  Elliott Deline

Some of the pieces are illustrated with photography by the amazing  Caroline Hagood, Chris Floyd, and Steve Zeeland

I don’t much care for power. If ever I come to possess it I just want to drop it immediately, like a hot brick. But thankfully when in the right hands, power can be very exciting indeed. I hope when you have finished reading and looking at the pieces here, you will agree with me.

Your humble editor,

Quiet Riot Girl

‘Language is Power’ – Roland Barthes


6 responses to this post.

  1. I’m very proud of this. I was worried when I came up with the theme that it was too banal, too over-arching. Like having a set of stories about ‘love’.

    But there is something about the context which has made it very specific.

    Obviously it is all about the individuality of the writers/makers/artists. But also the way we have all understood power to function in relation to sex/uality over our lifetimes, it seems as if we all have made connections. Even without reading/seeing each other’s work.


  2. Great concept. Thanks for including me!


  3. Posted by Elliott DeLine on February 15, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    Yes, I am definitely Literature.


  4. Posted by Elliott DeLine on February 15, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    capital L!


  5. haha I never doubted it Elliott!


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