She’s Lost Control…

A new theme for the next edition of Games Perverts Play will be announced soon. Watch this space, perverted scribblers… OBJECTIFIED will be hard to beat. But I think you are the ones to do it…


3 responses to this post.

  1. Great song, great video.

    Always intrigued me why this was the only JD song where Ian Curtis sang from a woman’s viewpoint? Double that when to me it’s clearly his own loss of control (his epilepsy and with personal life falling apart) that he’s singing about, projected on to a woman…

    Looking forward to the next theme with interest


  2. I don’t know but I read Touching From A Distance by his partner, and I think he wrote that song ostensibly with her in mind. Though like you say it sounds like it is all about him. Its a brilliant book.


  3. Very much looking forward to the new topic 🙂


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